Your staff is always on good behavior when you’re in the restaurant, but what happens when you’re not there? Send in our mystery diners and find out.

Did you know that:
• It costs about 5-7 times more to find a new customer than to keep an existing one
• Good customer service and happy customers are the key to your business.
• Our program makes it easy to pinpoint service issues that erode your business and your bottom line
• Most restaurant complaints never make it to your ears, or your managers.
• Because we are anonymous, employees never know when they are being “shopped” and end up treating every customer the same.
• We can provide data to easily track quality, service effectiveness, and trends
• We can ensure that everyone involved maintains your quality standards and policies, and upholds outstanding customer service standards

At Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants we know what we do. All our Mystery Diners are seasoned restaurant professionals, who understand your business as well as you do, and want it to succeed! We do not hire random people, who have never worked in a restaurant or have little or no restaurant or kitchen experience

How much does a Mystery Dining contract cost?
The real question is how much can it save you by keeping your guests happy? Our rates are competitive and affordable. The price depends on the size of your restaurant, how often we come to visit, how detailed you want your reports to be. Give us a call and we will be happy to explain our services and provide you with a quote

How it works
We send in our own team of mystery diners to your restaurants to evaluate the entire experience — ranging from food, drinks, service through to ambiance etc. Our Mystery Dining program can also be designed as an ongoing collaboration between you and Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants, where we take responsibility to dine at your restaurant at least twice a month and be your eyes and ears on the ground.
Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants are ready to assist you with any aspect of your restaurants operations – big or small. We collaborate with our clients in every facet of their business, understanding their position and creating new opportunities early and often.
Whether there is just one facet of your business that’s not working as it should, or a complete restaurant overhaul is required, we are able to bring your vision to life.


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