Our mission is to promote food, beverage and hospitality around the country, and we undertake to surpass our clients’ expectations with an unparalleled team of passionate, caring and trusted industry experts.


We take a hands-on approach to consulting.


We will work together with you to outline the business goals underpinning your dreams for success. We will analyse your past history, current practices, and goals for the future. Discussing where you want to go and highlighting the necessary activities to get there enables us to move forward conclusively and professionally.


With a clear sense of bearing, we can explore one of your most prized resource: untapped customer needs. Through customer research, marketplace assessment, and operations and culinary assessments, we will classify the ‘want and need spaces’ where you have the opportunity to make the most impact.


This is where we begin modelling ideas, generating strategies, food concepts, and strategic solutions. The recommendations we make and you decide upon in this stage will form the foundation of your final direction


In this chapter we turn innovation into development. Ideas become tangible products as we develop recipes, plating design, kitchen blueprints, business plans and the other products that will bring the strategy to life.


We provide the support to put your solutions to work. This support may include vendor and ingredient sourcing, recipe implementation, creating operations materials, training your team, labour management consulting, providing launch and post-launch support.


As restaurant and hospitality specialists we will assist you in increasing profits while maximising the performance and growth of your restaurant.

Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants was established by Bruno Gentile, an award-winning chef who has spent 35 years in the kitchen. He has personally cooked for Governor Generals, Prime Ministers, sporting greats and the rich and famous.

His passion in all aspects of the kitchen led him to consulting for businesses around Australia. It has been his mission to provide innovative, efficient, practical and cost-effective solutions to clients in all areas of the restaurant and food service industry. Bruno and his team will work with you to make your business profitable, commercially viable, scalable and successful.

Exceptional food and smooth kitchen operations must run together. Our depth and breadth of experience at Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants allows us to smooth out the kitchen operations, present recipes that taste great and increase customer patronage.