Implementing a hands-on consulting approach, Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants provides fully integrated solutions so that our clients can realise achievements and success in every aspect of their business. Please browse some of our services below and contact us for a free consultation.

Menu design & costing

Your menu should be your most effective marketing tool. It should suggestively sell your products, describe your offering in a mouth-watering way, entice an upsell, but most importantly, be a visual representation of your brand. Your menu is your product catalogue.

Food and ingredient sourcing & costing

When you start with wholesome and tasty ingredients the end result is always better. We can source all your ingredients – even those hard to find ones. We look at the product and consider functionality, seasonality and demand forecasts. We also go to great lengths to understand our client’s specific needs. Together these considerations determine where the product is sourced and how to best manage the supply chain.

Stock control & inventory management

Taking inventory is an unpopular task at most restaurants, but it is critical to controlling food costs and improving profitability. Yet, when we speak with restaurant owners, many admit that they either do a poor job of it or do it too infrequently. In most cases the underlying issue is a lack of structure around the inventory-taking process.

Food safety review

Conduct a comprehensive on-premise Food Safety review covering key health and safety points. We can help you with your day-to-day quality and food safety needs, long-term objectives and we can work to develop your future strategic direction to continuously improve your quality and food-safety position.

Supplier contracts

Discussing and negotiating the right deal with your suppliers doesn’t necessarily mean getting what you want at the cheapest possible price. You may want to negotiate other aspects such as delivery times, payment terms or the quality of the goods. Let our skilled staff negotiate a deal, including setting your objectives, understanding your supplier’s position and using the right tactics to achieve the best outcome for you.

Mystery diners

Our Mystery Shoppers provide objective, measurable and qualitative feedback about their customer experience and conditions. This feedback can help business owners find out if their menu, dining experience, pricing and placement are appealing to customers.

Measure the training and performance of your employees. Learn whether competitors do a better job at sales, service, marketing, and operations. Identify whether employees are following company procedures or compliance practices.

Restaurant performance evaluations

Each year we complete Restaurant Reviews for businesses of all sizes. In doing so, we always find something brand new to improve that is very specific to that particular client. But we also always find a number of common restaurant mistakes.

A Restaurant Performance Review is a consulting service where we analyse checkpoints covering all the major aspect of a restaurant such as operations, staffing, design, menus, facilities, profitability, sales performance – nothing is left to assumption. The “review” then spells out where the restaurant is performing compared to industry standards.

Kitchen equipment sourcing

Knowing what equipment you need for your kitchen and your menu can be a strenuous, time-consuming and expensive exercise. Let us review your concept plan and menu and then assist you in choosing the right equipment for your concept. Together we create a list of the equipment you need, based on kitchen size, menu, affordability, fit for purpose, etc. including the quantities of each item, and whether it should be new or used. Then we negotiate with suppliers to receive the best deal on your behalf.

Roster structuring

Creating an effective roster can be a head-ache in the making. Trying to fill every role across every shift, ensuring the right coverage of skills, acknowledging Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) requirements regarding shifts and fatigue, and then remembering who’s available or who’s on leave is far from easy. We offer efficient, reasonable and flexible rosters to attract and maintain good staff.

Formulate job description policies & procedures

Are you currently recruiting for a new staff member or in the early planning stages for a new position and wondering where to begin? Let us assist you in writing an effective job description. The job description is the most important place to start when recruiting for your next employee and, if it’s well written, can mean the difference between attracting your next star employee or a just so-so candidates.