Portion Control, What is it costing you?

Portion Control, What is it costing you?

When it comes to portion control it’s time for you to be in control. As a base for computing your restaurant’s cost-effectiveness and profitability, portioning your product is critical to keeping your margins low, your flavours balanced and your plates consistent. Effective portion control is easier than you think and is a paramount way to correctly measure where your expenses will sit each month. Without a proper portion control method in place you end up gambling with these expectations, and in the restaurant industry, it’s often these kinds of expectations that can make or break you.

In order to practice portion control in your own kitchen, everything should be measured out. All proteins should be weighed, other products can be stored in portion control containers and using a measuring cup or ladle can help maintain portion control in menu items such as soups, vegetables, mash potatoes, rice etc. Another way to practice portion control is to purchase pre-portioned items, such as steaks, seafood, meat patties and chicken breasts, etc. They may be more expensive, but these items can save you money in labor and food waste.
Portion cutting machines that most large scale meat suppliers use are designed specifically for the accurate portion cutting of boneless meat products – beef, pork, veal and lamb. Using laser technology to scan each product before cutting, the machine calculates the best possible cut figuration, ensuring very minimal giveaway of +or- 5grams per portion.
You have established a standard portion size and set your selling price. If that item is over-portioned then you are losing money because you are giving away more food than the retail price. If the portion is smaller than specified, then you are cheating the customer.
Anything you can do to help your staff do a better job of portioning is usually money well spent. Ensure that your staff, always have the appropriate tools and other measuring devises at their disposal and are they consistently using them.
Technological advances in scales and slicing equipment make it easier for employees to portion products faster and with much greater accuracy.

Any improvement in this area should result in happier guests, lower food cost and a healthier bottom line.
How’s your portioning?

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