5 Steps to Improve Restaurant Operations

5 Steps to Improve Restaurant Operations

Operating and running a restaurant can be a formidable undertaking. It is important to have an effective operational system in place, that can assist you stay in control. Here are five ways that will help you oversee your operations clearer.

1. Inventory Management
Researchers have shown that most restauranteurs pay little or no attention to inventory. What they don’t realise is that inventory is their biggest expense. Wasted or stolen inventory can be considered as bad as direct loss of cash

2. Theft and Security
Your restaurant is at a risk of theft not only by thieves, but unfortunately by your employees and customers alike. It’s not just your money that is at a risk, liquor bottles, meat, fish, pantry items etc. are all potential theft targets.

3. Reduce Waste
Any and all waste equals loss of money. Statistics show that restaurants in Australia waste approx. 8-9% of their total food supplies every month. Managing your waste, training your employees and forecasting and prioritising your inventory will go a long way in saving money and maximising profits.

4. Provide speed of service
Maintaining an above average speed of service can be challenging at times. You need to pinpoint how long is “too long”. Continuously encouraging and incentivising your employees is a good quality option to implement.

5. Seek Help
There is no shame in seeking help with your restaurant operations. And help comes in many forms, reading online, seeking help of friends, or talking to our Artisan Food Brokers Restaurant consultants
These five points can benefit your operations. The valuable thing for a restaurant business is to constantly discover new and innovative ways to develop effectiveness in your operations and in turn, expand the complete experience at your restaurant.


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