National Restaurant Chain

About This Project

Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants recently worked with a national restaurant chain to enhance their cost efficiency. The intent of this project was to provide advice on key kitchen operations and to collaborate with the business to re-engineer the menu and restaurant at each of its locations.

In order to fulfil the intent of this project, the target strategies of the multi-site restaurant improvement was centred on two key changes.
Firstly, to reduce and/or remove kitchen labour cost by sourcing pre-production menu items from appropriate suppliers.
Secondly, to reduce the Cost of Goods Sold through appropriate specifications, while retaining the essential flavour profiles and signature products developed by the restaurant.
Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants underwent a series of informative procedures to create a comprehensive understanding of the restaurant chain and formulate appropriate solutions to implement.

Scope of Works Carried Out

To gain an initial impression of the project, Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants undertook site visits and audits to the three separate locations of the restaurant chain. Following this, a one-day visit to each location was performed. The purpose of these initial visits was to cover kitchen operations during pre-service times, main service times and to investigate post service preparations. As the location, dynamics, operations, staffing and methodology of each location was unique, it was highly important to inspect and report on each location separately. This enabled us to produce a more accurate summarisation for the Scopes of Work.
On completion of the three sites field visits, a report was completed and presented to the restaurant chain. This report outlined Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants’ initial discoveries and provided a Scope of Works that needed to be implemented.