Café Revamp

About This Project

Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants recently engaged in the enhancement of a popular Café. The Café underwent a series of changes to improve efficiency and customer experience.

The intent of this project was to establish a methodology for the kitchen’s operations, re-engineer the current menu as well as introduce a dinner menu, whilst simultaneously moving away from the current counter service to a more formal table service.

The Café already boasted a fond reputation accompanied by positive comments on online restaurant review websites. However, it appeared to focus more on daily operation and neglect the implementation of efficiency and operational procedures to improve the business.


In order to grow the business and sustain a competitive footing in the industry, change was necessary. As such, Artisan Food Brokers & Consultants collaborated with the business in the design of new menus including a dinner menu, newly calculated and documented recipes, Café renovations, and the employment of new, suitable and reliable kitchen staff. While this appears as a considerable list of changes, the recommended solutions were smoothly implemented and these modifications helped develop the Café into a more efficient and effective business.